Hydroponic CEA Farm Suites

Tiger Corner Farmer manufactures and builds automated farm suites with 24/7 access, environmental controls, and sensors. We pair this with areas for propagation and growing, sanitation, and storage to ensure your farm production can operate efficiently.

Construction & Site Prep

We know the ins and outs of working with municipalities and getting your agricultural business up and running. We cover all aspects of your farm including: engineer drawings, permitting, utilities, and site development.  

Technology & Software

Our proprietary Boxcar Central Farm Software automates, controls, and tracks all aspects of your CEA farm business from seed to sale–all accessed from the cloud.

Propagation & Growing Containers

Our FDA and USDA food safety compliant environments include: designated areas for propagation, transplanting, and packaging. We can grow leafy greens faster and have the ability to scale with market needs.

Sanitation &  Storage

Each Farm Suite includes a controlled area for food safe sanitation processes, designated dry storage for materials and chemicals, and cold storage for your packaged goods waiting for distribution.

Farm Components

LED Grow Lights






Data Sensors